In the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness #2) by Tamora Pierce

“I dub thee Sir Alan, Knight of the Realm of Tortall. Serve honorably and well.”

8248438In a Nutshell:  Alanna grows up and soon, she’s  ready to take the Ordeal and fulfill her dream of becoming a knight. But keeping her true gender a secret becomes a bit harder as she grows up. No matter how much she denies it, she IS a woman and she experiences and feels things any woman experiences and feels. Add to that, someone seems to want her dead.

Rating: bookmark_256bookmark_256

Read this if… you like to see Alanna’s character progression. I like female characters who’d rather pick up the sword and fight. But most especially, I adored Alanna when she starts to embrace her femininity. As I see nothing wrong with a female who fights, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a female who likes dresses and makeup. And Alanna, being both is what makes her a great character.


I enjoyed Alanna’s character progression. It felt like she grew up before my eyes. But my main issue with this series, is that it tends to be anti-climactic. The pacing didn’t work very well for me. And though I felt the story was really something I would have liked, it felt too familiar and that made me all the more critical. I really wished I read this when I was younger, I felt I would have related more to Alanna had we been the same age.

I was also a bit disappointed with the villain. He’s supposedly a very powerful sorcerer, and yet that showdown? Again, anti-climactic. And don’t get me started on the love triangle. I’m all for love triangle, but this one seems forced.


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