Railhead (Railhead #1) by Philip Reeve

‘I am human,’ she said. ‘I have a processor for a brain instead of lump of meat, and my body is made of different substances, but I have feelings and dreams and things, like humans do.’


In a Nutshell: Set in a futuristic world where both humans and robots (in the book, the term is Motorik) roam the world, machines are capable of thought process – artificial intelligence, and people can cross worlds in an instant, but instead of spaceship, people use trains. We follow a petty thief hired by someone to steal a box, in exchange for a grandeur future. Little does he know that what he thought was a simple robbery turned into something more – something he may not be prepared for.

Rating: bookmark_256bookmark_256bookmark_256bookmark_256

Read this if… you like Star Wars – with AI robots and unusually looking creatures. And if you like political twists wherein the heroes aren’t all that noble, and the villains aren’t all that evil.

In true sci-fi fashion, we are in for a world where machines are more advanced and capable of thinking, talking, and some few, even, feeling. And the possibility of crossing worlds and alternate universes, wormholes and such – truly a glory for a sci-fi fan! The world-building is immense and I think it’s one of the strong points of this book. This isn’t as fast-paced as what I would have wanted, but I liked the fact that more than the sci-fi elements, the book tried to explore and dive into relevant topics, like politics and history. Plus, the multi-dimensional and unpredictable characters makes the story all the more compelling.


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